Geo/Ast 207 A Guided Tour of the Solar System

This course examines the major bodies of our solar system, emphasizing their surface features, internal structures, and atmospheres. Topics include the origin of the solar system, occurrence of liquid water, habitability of planets, and role of impacts in planetary evolution. Terrestrial and giant planets will be studied as well as satellites, comets, and asteroids. Recent discoveries from planetary missions are emphasized. The course is aimed primarily at non-science majors and it satisfies the QR distribution requirement.

Geo 378 Mineralogy

This course provides an advanced survey of the structure and crystal chemistry of major rock-forming minerals. Topics include: crystallography, physical properties of minerals, mineral thermodynamics, lattice dynamics, phase transformations, defects and kinetics. Applications to problems in Earth and environmental science are emphasized.

Geo/Phy 419 Physics and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior

The Earth is a physical system whose past and present state can be studied within the framework of physics and chemistry. Topics include current concepts of geophysics and the physics and chemistry of Earth materials; origin and evolution of the Earth; and nature of dynamic processes in its interior. One emphasis is to relate geologic processes on a macroscopic scale to the fundamental materials properties of minerals and rocks.

Geo 507 Topics in Mineralogy and Mineral Physics

Selected topics related to structure, properties, and stability of minerals and melts. Topics include mantle mineralogy, applications of synchrotron radiation to the study of earth materials, physics and chemistry of minerals at high pressure and temperature, and advanced concepts in mineral physics. The emphasis is on applications to the study of planetary interiors.