Fall 2021

Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
Concepts of solid state physics and inorganic chemistry relevant to the study of minerals with emphasis on the application to study of planetary interiors. Topics include: crystal chemistry, phase transitions, equations of state, dynamic and static compression, elasticity, lattice dynamics, and transport properties.
Instructors: Thomas S. Duffy


Minerals are the fundamental building blocks of the Earth. Their physical, chemical, and structural properties determine the nature of the Earth and they are the primary recorders of the past history of the Earth and other planets. This course will provide a survey of the properties of the major rock-forming minerals. Topics include crystallography, crystal chemistry, mineral thermodynamics and mineral occurrence. Emphasis will be on the role of minerals in understanding geological processes. Laboratories will focus on developing an understanding of crystallography, structure-property relationships, and modern analytical techniques.
Instructors: Thomas S. Duffy
Fundamentals of the Geosciences II
A survey of fundamental papers in the Geosciences. Topics include present and future climate, biogeochemical processes in the ocean, geochemical cycles, orogenies, thermochronology, rock fracture and seismicity. This is the core geosciences graduate course.
Instructors: Thomas S. Duffy, Laure Resplandy, Blair Schoene, Jeroen Tromp, Gabriel Andres Vecchi, Bess Ward


Physics and Chemistry of Earth's Interior
This class will introduce students to the modern study of the structure, composition, and evolution of the Earth's interior. We will integrate findings from geophysical observations, laboratory experiments, and computational models to develop a holistic picture of the large-scale behavior of our planet. The course will be divided into four major sections: 1) origin and composition of the Earth; 2) physical and chemical properties of Earth materials; 3) global Earth structure; 4) Earth dynamics. The course will introduce current topics and the latest findings from the scientific literature.
Instructors: Thomas S. Duffy
Responsible Conduct of Research in Geosciences (Half-Term)
Course educates Geosciences and AOS students in the responsible conduct of research using case studies appropriate to these disciplines. This discussion-based course focuses on issues related to the use of scientific data, publication practices and responsible authorship, peer review, research misconduct, conflicts of interest, the role of mentors & mentees, issues encountered in collaborative research and the role of scientists in society. Successful completion is based on attendance, reading, and active participation in class discussions. Course satisfies University requirement for RCR training.
Instructors: Regan Hunt Crotty, Thomas S. Duffy, Frederik Jozef Simons