Responsible Conduct of Research in Geosciences (Half-Term)

Subject associations
GEO 503 / AOS 503
Spring 2023
Leo Donner
Thomas S. Duffy
John A. Higgins
Larry W. Horowitz
Allan M. Rubin
Daniel M. Sigman
Frederik J. Simons
Rong Zhang
Registrar description

Course educates Geosciences and AOS students in the responsible conduct of research using case studies appropriate to these disciplines. This discussion-based course focuses on issues related to the use of scientific data, publication practices and responsible authorship, peer review, research misconduct, conflicts of interest, the role of mentors & mentees, issues encountered in collaborative research and the role of scientists in society. Successful completion is based on attendance, reading, and active participation in class discussions. Course satisfies University requirement for RCR training.