User Facilities

Aerial View of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. (Source: ANL)

Aerial View of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory.
(Source: ANL)

Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory

The Advanced Photon Source is a third generation synchrotron source that is the premier x-ray facility in the United States. In recent years, our group has been active users of the GSECARS (sector 13) HPCAT (sector 16) and DCS (sector 35) beamlines. A major focus has been to combine diamond anvil cell techniques with laser heating (using a high-powered infrared laser) to simultaneously achieve extremes of pressure and temperature -- up to 300 GPa and 3000 K.

Capabilities include:  laser and external heating, x-ray diffraction of powders and single crystals, x-ray scattering and spectroscopy experiments, Brillouin spectroscopy, high-pressure gas loading, diamond anvil cell and large-volume press apparatus.

In 1995-96, T. Duffy helped to initiate the diamond cell program at GSECARS by serving as the first beamline scientist. The results of the first high-pressure experiments at APS (carried out in 13-ID-A) are published here. We have been regular users of APS facilities ever since.

Examples of recent projects:
—Raj Dutta:  High-pressure phase in germanium oxides
—Camelia Stan:   Perovskite and post-perovskites in the (Mg,Fe)GeO3 system
—Susannah Dorfman:  Electronic transitions in almandine composition glass
—Greg Finkelstein:  New phase transitions in single-crystal forsterite to 90 GPa

Free Electron Laser Facilities

Linac Coherent Light Source, Stanford Linear Accelerator Lab

Examples of recent projects:
—June Wicks:  Kinetics of the B1-B2 phase transition in NaCl under shock compression
—Sally Tracy:  Phase transition in shock compressed silicon carbide

High-Powered Laser Facilities

Omega and Omega-EP lasers, University of Rochester

Examples of recent projects:
—June Wicks:  X-ray diffraction of Fe-Si alloys: Implications for exoplanet cores
—Jue Wang:  Melting of molybdenum under shock compression
—Jue Wang:  X-ray diffraction of molybdenum under ramp compression to 1 TPa

Gas Gun Facilities for Shock Compression

Institute for Shock Physics, Washington State University